Raymond Stories

My Role | book design, illustration (watercolour on Yupo paper and illustrations via Procreate), print production
Credits | Editing: Trisha Bernardo and Kate McBride. Writing and map illustration: Raymond Griffin.
Book Specifications | Size: 8.5" x 8.5" 

Illustrations and design for a book of true, relatable childhood anecdotes, set in Boston Bar, BC in the 1940s at the time of WWII. Told by author Raymond Griffin, a retired architect, pilot, and local Vancouverite.

Key focus: 

Design an illustrated book representing part of Mr.Griffin’s family heritage while providing a snapshot of Boston Bar’s past as seen through his eyes as a child — an accurate depiction of the time when the events took place. This unique book is intended for young readers and their parents, because the stories are told the way Raymond told them to his kids, and they told them to theirs.


Illustrated stories, accompanied by the author’s personal photos depicting the area and his family, who feature prominently in most of the stories. Artwork compositions were guided by the author’s vivid descriptions, sketches, and image references of Boston Bar in the 1940s for historical accuracy. The design, form and colour of the artwork is intended to evoke childhood nostalgia with its dream-like application.

FORMAT | A book of eight, illustrated stories, accompanied by photos that depict the area, and Mr.Griffin’s family. Most of them are from his personal collection and feature the real characters and places in these stories.

MEDIUM | The unpredictable nature of watercolour intensified by the smooth surface of Yupo paper was crucial in creating “misty” scenes reminiscent of nostalgic recollections.

COMPOSITIONS | The author’s vivid descriptions, sketches and reference materials were used to create historically accurate drawings.




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